Christian Collective Worship

Our Christian Collective Worship is at the heart of the school day and the pupils of class 2 enjoy preparing and leading the service. This term, our Christian Value is ‘Perseverance’ and this theme has been embraced in the stories and prayers delivered.

Alternative Fairy Tales

Miss Grainger has thoroughly enjoyed working with the children in years 3 and 4 on their ‘Alternative Fairy Tales’. In the planning stage, there was lots of drama to get into character and develop ideas.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was the destination for the time travelers of Class 2 on Friday November 4th. After studying the circumstances that led to the expansion of the Greek empire working through the time line of this era, we devised historical questions about the changes, causes and significance to our modern lives.

Through examining a myriad of artefacts, we became true historians by recording details in sketches with labels and ideas of how items were used.

History was brought to life when everyone was able to dress up in costume and a great variety of helmets!

The New School Year

Class 1 are enjoying exploring the school environment and learning together again after the summer holidays!