On Monday 28th November we held a joint School Council meeting with the Governors of the School.  We invited them so we could find out more about what they kindly do for us.  They answered all our questions and they found out what we do as a School Council.  We have decided to work even more closely together in the future.

We all brought in buns and cakes and raised £15.00 for Cancer Research

This week we are holding a special assembly to tell the whole school about our meeting.

Luke & Alfie


Aims: Your school council is here to help YOU!

Lockington School Council

Lockington school have had a action packed year so far with lots of activities.

There were lots of school events going on this term that all the children enjoyed:

We would like your ideas so come on don’t be shy see a member of the school council or put your ideas in the box in your classroom.

The new academic year brought with it the election of new School Councillors. Our School Council has adopted the guidelines set down in School Councils UK. Here the children can post their ideas for school improvements or their concerns on any issue within the remit of the Council. The Council deals with these issues at their half termly meetings. This year the School Council has formulated a set of aims for the year, which it has published on the children’s notice board.

So as well as being a channel for children’s views being aired and acted upon, they have broadened their remit by undertaking fund raising activities – all credit to them!

To find out more about School Councils follow one of the links below:

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